The Western Reserve Farm Cooperative contracted with us to perform demolition, excavation and removal services to a structure sitting at their Burton, Ohio location. A barn that was built nearly two centuries ago was the focus of our demolition services in order to clear the way for an entryway into a newly built facility.

Scope of Work

Client | Western Reserve Farm Cooperative

The project located at 13762 Ford Lane in Burton, Ohio stood at approximately 10,000 square feet in total for 200 years but took just under 3 hours to tear down to its foundation. Not even a full 2 days in total and the entire structure was not only demolished but completely removed from the worksite in order to start excavation of the property for a new road and greater access to a facility Western Reserve Farm Cooperative built.

Our services included:

  1. Complete structure demolition including sub-levels
  2. Construction & Demolition Waste Removal
  3. Excavation: level, backfill, and grade and seed property
  4. Road excavation
  5. Land clearing