The commercial building that stood at 1019 East 123rd Street in Cleveland, Ohio was designated a public emergency by The City of Cleveland. We pride ourselves on responsiveness coupled with planning no matter how urgent a job is. We treat every aspect of every project with the same detailed consideration in order to accomplish our goals on-time and accident free.

Scope of Work

Client | City of Cleveland

Cherokees’ project off Superior Avenue for The City of Cleveland was deemed a public emergency which calls for a structure to be removed as soon as possible to ensure public safety. This multi-level commercial building was built directly into a neighboring structure’s load bearing wall of its Eastside. We removed all the necessary masonry and concrete with excavators and by hand when necessary to maintain the structure’s total integrity. The entire project took less than 5 days to dismantle, dispose of and excavate the site.

Our services included:

  1. Asbestos Survey
  2. Complete structure demolition including sub-levels
  3. Construction & Demolition Waste Removal
  4. Excavation: level, backfill, grade and seed property