All of our projects, regardless of size, rely on precise planning not only for the primary structural demolition, but all logistical, waste removal and environmental issues. All of these factors should be carefully orchestrated to ensure a safe workplace and little hesitation from the general public while maintaining timetables and our legal responsibilities when dealing with hazardous materials. Henry Court is a prime example of logistical precision and public safety.

Scope of Work

Client | Private Institution

Cherokees’ project located on Henry Court in Cleveland, Ohio was contracted for a private financial institution. The project was a 2,432 square foot residential structure resting just between 2 other residential homes. Given the logistical challenges of the close proximity of other structures, the live utilities of those close structures and the small amount of active space available for transport assets to move, Henry Court still only took 3.5 days to complete.

Our services included:

  1. Asbestos Survey
  2. Complete structure demolition including sub-levels
  3. Construction & Demolition Waste Removal
  4. Excavation: level, backfill, and grade and seed property