The City of Cleveland is experiencing a long needed urban real-estate renewal with nearly 13,500 residential structures slated for demolition over a 5 year period. Through public funding and private-public partnerships the City of Cleveland along with Cuyahoga County as a whole is removing blight in order to reduce crime in neighborhoods, stabilize real-estate values for its residents and ultimately help the local economy grow over the long-term to maintain residency levels. Our company has become a Tier 1 provider of essential services to enable rapid removal of blight just like our Forest Avenue Commercial project which completed in just 3 days.

Scope of Work

Client | City of Cleveland

Our project located on Forest Avenue for The City of Cleveland comprised a multi-level, 4,455 square foot commercial building made primarily from brick. This demolition and disposal project took only 3 days to completely raze the building, remove all debris and backfill, grade and seed the land as a ready lot.

Our services included:

  1. Asbestos Survey
  2. Complete structure demolition including sub-levels
  3. Construction & Demolition Waste Removal
  4. Excavation: level, backfill, grade and seed property