Lorain is truly in the early stages of an urban renewal ever city should strive towards. We are proud to be a part of Lorain's economic activity by working for public agencies to clear the way for new residential and commercial development. Our project on Broadway Avenue is a small part of the current redeployment of Lorain's port and waterfront.

Scope of Work

Client | City of Lorain

This industrial structure consisted primarily of shearing the steel shell from the building exterior in order to provide open access to remove the main supports to bring the building down with ease. In just under 5 days the structure was razed, the land was graded back to a state for development and materials disposed of to various recycling facilities.

Our services included:

  1. Asbestos Survey
  2. Complete structure demolition including sub-levels
  3. Construction & Demolition Waste Removal
  4. Material recycling