CLEVELAND, Tenn. – Neighbors in the historic downtown Cleveland area voiced their concerns about a home’s appearance and its safety. The future of the home was discussed in Monday’s city council work session.

Weeks ago, the front yard of the home on 933 Harle Avenue had a large dumpster full of trash and neighbors upset. It’s since been cleaned up and now the future of this home is one step closer to being determined. The home has been discussed in other council meetings, but this is the first mention of a resolution.

“Jeremy Moore met and came with me last week to submit his certificate of appropriateness and he actually submitted to demolish the property.” said Bryan Turner to the council.

He is the city’s chief building official and has been in communication with Jeremy Moore about the house for a month. Moore used to be the partial owner of the home, but has since given full ownership to his brother, who now lives out of the country. Turner said Moore is acting as a representative of the home in his brother’s absence.

Moore elected to meet with the Historic Preservation Commission tomorrow evening in Cleveland and present his case for demolition. They must grant him a Certificate of Appropriateness, since the home is located in a historic district. Based on a vote, the commission will determine whether or not the home has “too much historic value” to tear down.

Turner doesn’t know why a for sale sign has appeared in front of the property. News Channel 9 contacted Moore about it and through an email, he simply told us it was because the house “is for sale.” He also declined our request to be interviewed.