Cherokee Demolition, LLC

Over this past weekend an email was distributed by a unknown party claiming to be one of Cherokees partners (this email account is 100% fictitious) to at least one public official and one demolition contractor with the sole purpose of disparaging and/or marginalizing Cherokee Demolition by claiming that the firm is racially biased.

These accusations will never hold water. Cherokee Demolition does not and never has followed the ridiculous outline that this unknown, disgruntled party has decided to draw inside this email. No person that knows Cherokee Demolitions operations would or even could make the accusation of racially motivated actions of any kind; since our inception we have hired and partnered with people and companies from diverse backgrounds with regard to race or ethnicity and always will. The proof is directly in our demolition crew itself.

If you have any information related to this email sent on May 3rd 2014, please contact us @

Thank you | Cherokee Demolition Staff