Does Cherokee Demolition provide free project estimates?

Yes we do. |

All demolition projects start with an estimation by our staff at no cost to your whether you're a private home owner, corporation or government agency.

What is the difference between a demolition contractor and a general contractor?

A true demolition contractor is a specialist in managing project risk, material, time and costs. We understand the necessary steps involved in mitigating risk for our clients and ourselves while maintaining a safe environment and completing projects to exact specification.

How can Cherokee Demolition be of value to me as a consultant?

Many clients perform very little demolition or have no prior experience with asset redeployment/disposal, environmental remediation or deconstruction. Cherokee can act as the clients’ agent to assess potential projects and to manage projects as well.

Can personal belonging be left in the interior of the property?

No they cannot. |

All interior debris (personal property, furniture, cabinets, etc.) will not be included as construction and demolition waste when gathering information for your project. Any interior debris is the responsibility of the project owner/manager. Any work involving interior debris is outside of our standard quoting process and will be quoted separately at the owner/manager’s request.

If a more in-depth assessment or services are required, Cherokee Demolition can be retained as a consultant.

Can I simply put any interior debris out for the general garbage service to remove?

No you cannot. |

There are numerous common household products and items that (legally) must be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Items including televisions, computer monitors, paint, fluorescent lights, and even carpet contain toxins which prohibits them from being put into your regular garbage pickup.

Does Cherokee Include hauling the demolition debris in their project quotes?

Yes we do. |

Construction and demolition waste removal is included. Interior debris (personal or non-structural items) is not included in our standard quoting.

Is an asbestos/environment survey required for every demolition project?

Not Always. |

Not every project requires an environmental survey. Federal and State Regulations apply to different types of structures and depending on when the structure was originally built. It is recommended that any requirements be researched prior to starting any project.

Will Cherokee Demolition remove small structures like garages, sheds or concrete installations?

Yes we do. |

We are happy to quote nearly any project within our service area.

Who is responsible for disconnecting the property utilities?

Private Property Owners are responsible for their own utilities.

If you are a Public Agency Cherokee can coordinate the disconnecting of utilities. Cherokee can assist you with this process.

Is Cherokee Demolition fully insured for demolition?

Yes we are. |

We fully comply with all Ohio minimum insurance coverage regulations pertaining to both demolition and transportation exposure.